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A tidy and beautifully decorated car, especially the interior will impress you than a messy, old and dirty one. Therefore, automotive interior ornaments sometimes become "precious" in the eyes of the car owner. These decorations not only make your vehicle more luxury, beautiful, cozy and convenient, they also show your personality. People often put a cute toy or a figurine of God or Buddha on the dashboard to pray for a safe journey, some of them put their gifts from their children, parents or friends. Therefore, ornaments are indispensable. However, there is a note that when putting ornaments on the car dashboard, we should carefully put those close to the windshield or far from the airbag. Because when an accident occurs, an airbag will be fired out from the dashboard and throw these ornaments out dangerously to our body. The steering wheel is also a place where we should not put many decorations on that, except for the steering wheel cover. At KA Accessories, we stock a wide variety of ornaments and interior decorations with great design and easy to install in your vehicle such as car clock, decorative ring, God figurine, dream catcher, etc. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices for you to choose from. Let's check these out now...

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